Protect your eyes from the elements

Whether you suffer from Dry Eye, allergies, or contact lens related dryness, your eyes can benefit with extra protection.

Reduce the effect of air flow, dust, allergens or other triggers to relieve your irritating symptoms.

The Dry Eye Solution

The Dry Eye Solution
The Dry Eye Solution

Relieve dry eyes syndrome naturally with Ziena. Ziena’s silicone shield locks in eye moisture while blocking out wind & airborne irritants like dust & pollen. It is specifically designed to alleviate symptoms of dry eyes and hay fever. It is proven as a non-invasive (no surgery, natural) solution to ailments. Ziena eyewear helps relieve the burning, itching and redness caused by dry eye.

Sealed eyewear reduces tear evaporation and improves overall comfort. The Ziena silicone moisture chamber eyecup is soft and flexible as it rests gently on your face. Powerful micro-magnets hold the shield securely in place yet allow for easy removal and replacement.

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Fashionable and Protective

Fashionable and Protective
Fashionable and Protective

Does going outside on a beautiful spring day make your eyes feel itchy and irritated? Does skiing or cycling dry out your contact lenses? Do you stay inside more often than you would like to because of dry, burning and uncomfortable eyes? You don’t have to continue this way.

Choose 7eye by Panoptx. Fashionable and protective.

The cornerstone in 7eye® Airshield® Technology is our patented Orbital Seal®. A patented multi-layered material uses filtered vents to manage airflow which creates a comfortable, windless, and debris free environment for your eyes.

  • Quick drying overcoat prevents sweat absorption.
  • Soft foam (Latex-Free) contours to your face.
  • Patented vented seals manage airflow.

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“My 7eye sunglasses are perfect for my sailing adventures providing excellent visualization for gunkholing and exploring in shallow waters. The tight fit of the frame minimizes discomfort from the wind on my eyes while being very comfortable and light. I also like the way the frame adjusts to fit tightly without the risk of losing them overboard.”

Gord M.

“The 7eye glasses are great for my dry eye, the foam inserts keep the wind and sun out of my eyes. I am photosensitive and these glasses are the best. Thank you for developing them!”

Olga M.

“I wish I’d had Ziena glasses decades ago when the dry eye started.”

Diana L.

“Absolutely love 7eyes! So many different options for the perfect fit and seal. I get dry eyes easily when riding and these are by far the best glasses I’ve had for riding. The dark shift transitions lenses are my favorite, they’re the darkest transitional lenses on the market.”

Bernadette A.

“I use Ziena frames when I use my computer at work.  It provides immediate relief of my dry eyes.”

Helen V.